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WNN MBPC Manual Blast Cabinet System

WVN MPBC Manual Blast Cabinet System:

This is a lance with pressure pot system designed to blast crankshafts.

180" wide x 52" deep x 61" high internal work area
4500 lb. work floor load capacity
One 1/4" ID Tungsten Carbide nozzles and lance to blast part
1 workstation for 1 operator
1 Manual door on the front for loading and 1 Maintenance door on the back
Hopper on top of pressure pot to store shot
6.5 cu. ft. Pressure tank with one outlet and Thompson valve
Quick de-pressurization package for blast tank
Heavy duty media conveying hose upgrade
3 Glass windows to view the part blasted
Motorized crankshaft cart to rotate parts
Cart with rollers to manually push crankshaft into the machne.
Rubber seal to contain shot isnide the blast cabinet.
Grating platform for operator to stand while blasting
1/4" Rubber liners on the back/side walls.
Three ceiling mounted 120V lamp box assemblies
1500 CFM Cartridge type Dust Collector with automatic reverse pulse filter clearning and 5HP motor.

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