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XLX Precision Electronic Balancer

Longer engine life and smoother operation
A balanced engine is an efficient unit that delivers more power and better mileage. It runs smoother
and lasts longer due to less stress on the internal components.

Higher profits from your shop

Balancing is an extra service that can be sold with a very top quality rebuild to give that extra edge of economy, performance, and durability today's sophisticated customers are looking for. By promoting these benefits you can earn extra profits on every job. The work is easy to learn and does not require a skilled machinist.

  • Sophisticated electronics
  • Direct readout - NO calibration necessary
  • Balances at ANY speed - an exclusive feature.
  • Can balance workpieces inboard and outboard - an exclusive feature.
  • Includes 5 potentiometers for plane separation electronics.
  • Super accurate - will measure minimum unbalance of .03 gram inches.
  • Electronic sensor pickup determines precise angle setting to eliminate possible errors in
    locating weight removal position.
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