Diamond Super Abrasive Honing & Plateau Brushes

Straighter and rounder cylinders

With the harder super abrasives the cylinder is cut straighter and rounder. It enables one to hone nikasil type materials. A diamond abrasive lasts a very long time, typically 20 times longer than a stone.
Most shops are familiar with the advantages that diamonds offer in a honing application. Until this point either you were purchasing a expensive hone head or a costly machine. Now it is possible to upgrade to a set of diamonds, an inexpensive hone head or a less expensive machine and reap the benefits that diamond abrasives offer.

Here’s what one customer had to say:
"It was great. They honed the hole straight and round without a costly upgrade to a new hone head." Bill Hauser, Bill's Speed Shop, Fuquay-Varina, NC.

These honing super abrasives fit your AN/ANR hone head and your budget.

Our WVN Plateau Brushes provide a smoother cylinder bore surface reducing ring wear while still maintaining crosshatching for lubrication.

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